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So im making this post because i think this game is dying. One reason is obviously no ranked. I mean actual ranked games with clan war looking lobbies where you queue with max 1 premade in a 4v4 game designed to elevate players experience in a fun and competetive style. This isn't anything new, lots of players have been asking for it during the years.

"What weapons will be allowed and what parts will be allowed?"
- The easiest way is to get a box containing non-deletable weapons and/or parts (the weapons shouldn't be upgradable because that will make it pay2win). If the staff wants p2w then they can charge 6300RT for a "rankedpass" with a rankedbox and a one season ticket for ranked.

"How will they make sure everyone uses these weapons and/or parts?"
- Simple. Either make a character (like simon) who's the only one who can use these items, or make a restriction like the parts on the different characters IOW make the normal weapons/parts unusable.

20 Jul 2021, 00:36
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The *beep*.... Just a stupid idea that I'll pass

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20 Jul 2021, 00:56
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U lost me at clan war there is 5 active clans in game no way I'm paying 6300 rt to maybe get cw

21 Jul 2021, 21:44