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For account related issues, please contact our customer support at contact@toyheroes.net. Apr 29, 2019

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Jun 18, 2019 at 1:18 PM
    1. Saien123
      mam problem z kontem Diegos,supoort niechce współpracować
    2. Saien123
      I have a problem with the Diegos support account I can not cooperate with
    3. violence
      it wont let me play. im not getting a verification email for my account so it wont let me make an account.
    4. Taiseeki
      you can not increase the upgrade of the weapon so that there is more luck for improvement by 8 lvl?
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      2. SuperBigSmoke
        May 16, 2019
    5. El-Mo
      For account related issues, please contact our customer support at contact@toyheroes.net.
      1. violence likes this.
    6. KepoCiee
      Problems with Login?
    7. blaze101
      Hello can you just answer to my support tickets ? i really need help
    8. Bre4KheadZ
      Hello El-Mo. Would like to write with you a bit on skype or facebook or something like that. I was on the old Microvolts from RockHippo the German Moderator from early 2014 until end of 2016. My name was [MOD]IceTea. I would like to ask you some questions about your game version. Would be cool if you are interested on a conversation. Regards,
      Bre4KheadZ aka IceTea.
    9. Soyperraxd
      el-mo you could help me in a bug what happens, create a clan and when I try to get out of the clan and design Porfile error
    10. Pikachu
      El-Mo u have some trobles on game so can u give me the right answer of that and how ican fix it its bug iwill show u pic link .png pls respond me on fastest time u can but icant send u pic its says the red squre things idont understad they say
    11. PanCake
      hello i have chat ban 3 days now can u unblock my chatbann please?? i want to speak my INGAME NAME IS :PanCake
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    12. Matheus Santos
      Matheus Santos
      Why my acc got blocked?
    13. erez
      i do not get the confirmation email for my account for some reason
      1. erez
        and therefore i cant login to my account
        Sep 24, 2018
      2. NojaMan
        Check your confirmation in the "spam".
        Sep 25, 2018
    14. honam
      please check the amazon codes..
      I wanna know my gift card is done it not..
    15. Kazuro
      El <3 Mo
    16. VincentMV
      I have a problem with my account and i need help
      1. NojaMan
        Contact him via private message.
        Go on his profile -> Information -> Create a conversation and write your problem there.
        Good luck!
        Sep 1, 2018
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    17. XXXtentacion7
    18. Surendai
      Hey I would like to share some animations for characters But it says spam-like I would like to get a permission .
    19. Hinatahimejina
      Hey El-Mo , i had few months ago a problem with my THO ac because of a paypal isseu problem.I solved the paypall issue but my THO is still blocked until today . I contact the support back then and lady feline but neither me or her got an anwser. I Hope you can help me with it because i rly like the game. My blocked THO username is HinataHimejina . I also have a old screenshot from my friend with my old ac.
      1. SuperBigSmoke
        If they dont get money = you get banned. cuz moni = importenttttttttt. your paypal issue is ''fixed'', but you are still banned, hMmmMmmMmMmmM. you should contact El-MO thru PM not Profile posts imo.
        Aug 8, 2018
    20. Bierbaum420
      please check the amazon codes i want my RT ._.
      1. NojaMan
        You'll get your rt in 24 hours.
        Aug 7, 2018
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