Aiming: Tips and Tricks

Discussion in 'Game Guides' started by 1337, Feb 16, 2018.

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    Here is a few tips that got my aim boosted:
    1. Turning the dpi up for smoother movements, mostly a preference but helped me. Don't go above your native dpi. And don't forget to turn the in-game sensitivity up. (There are some computer mouses that can't change the dpi or they can change but only to certain ones, try to check it out if you can/want to.)

    2. Highering the polling rate and calibrating your mouse (from what I have seen on my razer options)

    3. Consider a new grip style, it may be difficult to use the claw style if your mouse is flat.

    4. Also getting a smooth monitor might improve your aiming, you can consider upgrading yours if you'd want to in the future. (doesn't apply to people who already have a good one)

    5. Basically spending time on square mode etc trying to shoot with the sniper or rifle can be a good idea.

    6. If your monitor has an "aiming point" option you might consider using that to learn where the scope is gonna zoom in to. You can put a piece of paper or poster putty but make sure to not damage the monitor when doing so.

    7. Turning the motion blur might help improving your aim while you are using super-jump!

    8. Getting a really smooth or a steady (hard, controllable) mouspad can also help you improving your aim, the choice is mostly a preference but I like mine smooth.

    9. While you are training your aim you can consider to buy pepper as it is very accurate, although this is yet another preference.

    10. While in-game, shooting small amount of bursts on your enemy using the rifle might help you save ammo.

    11. Turning the mouse acceleration off will help improving your hand's muscle memory as much as it will make your hand relax.

    Best regards, 1337
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    thanks for the helpful tips!
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