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    Are you new to the game? Do you need help with starting off and have some question? Just look here!

    1. What is ToyHeroes?
    ToyHeroes is another version of the already known game 'Microvolts'.

    2. Who is EPT Media?
    EPT Media is both developer and publisher of the game. We are the owner of ToyHeroes.

    3. I have created an account and logged into the game. But what now?
    You automatically have to complete a quick game tutorial that shows you the basics of the game. After that you are able to start off with the game.

    4. What is MP?
    MP is the in-game currency of the game you can earn through playing matches. You are able to buy items in the shop with them, or spin the capsule machine.

    5. What is RT?
    RT is an in-game currency that is purchasable with real money. With RT you are able to buy other items that have slightly improved statistics. But don't worry, the game doesn't require you to purchase RT. The advantage of RT items is very, very small!

    6. How to get unlimited items?
    The only way to get unlimited items is through the capsule machine, which requires you to reach level 10 in the game.

    7. What is the capsule machine?
    The capsule machine is a feature that allows you to win unlimited items. To use the capsule machine, you have to reach level 10. The advantage of unlimited weapons is that you are able to upgrade them and improve their statistics.

    8. What is battery charge?
    Battery is the element you need to upgrade weapons. You automatically gain 30, 50 or 100 battery once you finished a match. You also can buy battery charge in the shop with RT.

    9. How do I earn MP and EXP?
    You have played a match, made kills but didn't receive any MP or EXP?
    Unlike the other versions of the game, we have a different system. You only can gain Experience and MP in which you play. The amount of how much you receive only depends on for how long you stay in a match. The longer you play, the more you will be rewarded with.
    Be aware of that the minimum of playtime is set to 2 minutes. If you join a match that is nearly finished, you proably will not receive any credits.

    10. What is a Gamemaster?
    A Gamemaster (having a [GM] tag in-game) is a representative of EPT Media, in other words an administrator of the game. If you have any problems, be it with your account or other issues, feel free to contact a Gamemaster. You certainly are free to report cheaters to them aswell.
    Also does a Gamemaster organize official events for the game and makes sure the community acts in a lawful and respectful way towards other players.
    A Gamemaster is an authority figure for the Moderators and responsible of their actions.

    11. What is a Moderator?
    A Moderator (having a [MOD] tag in-game) is a voluntary supporter, who helps the staff team. But a Moderator is not an official member of EPT Media.
    Like a Gamemaster does a Moderator organize official events and also makes sure he community acts in a lawful and respectful way towards other players.
    A Moderator is responsible for the forum and their is to keep it clean, as their primary job.

    Do you still have questions? Feel free to post them below!

    Your THO team~
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