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    ♕Hello and welcome heroes♕
    In this thread, you will learn how to write ban appeals to get your account unbanned before we start when your account gets banned then you must know it was for a reason, you did which was not acceptable by our community, to know the reason of the ban you need to contact the support or anyone of the staff members or you can visit my thread that contains all game rules and think which of these rules you broke



    ✍ When you start writing the appeal, you will have to be honest with yourself and give this appeal a good amount of time and write it with a proper structure, while writing you should never lie in the appeal because this will make things worse for you

    ☞ In the first lines, I would always prefer writing short notes of who you are, then the most important part you will start saying your story from A To Z without shading, changing the real events even if your image will appear bad in the appeal then, you will start showing how bad you feel and that you are sorry for what you did, etc

    At the end apologize to everyone you offended which can be (Player Name, the Entire Community) depending on your case and thank the staff member for his time reading your appeal

    If your appeal will include any other staff name before submitting the appeal don't assume the staff gender /♂ because if it is wrong that won't leave a nice impression
    Example: "I sent an appeal to the [Mod]#### but he didn't reply back" make sure it is a he

    One last thing, if they don't reply back, avoid spamming, showing disrespect instead give them time to judge well

    It is not guaranteed that you will be unbanned by writing appeals, it is the game master's decision.

    Thanks for reading
    Best wishes, Cyrax

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