Changelog & Balance Changes 04-17-2018

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    Shop Update & Miscellaneous

    • new 'Metal Rifle' weapon series in capsule machine (MP, RT)
    • new 'Mechanical Scrap Box' in shop (MP, RT)
    • new 'Grand Rifle Box' in shop (RT)
    • boss battle mode is now fully functional and express tickets can be earned in future tournaments (for example as participation rewards)
    • coupons can now be obtained by spinning the capsule machine
    • coupon shop weapon series 'Divine Weapons'

    Balance Update

    General Changes

    As you all know, balancing weapons is no easy task and always a big challenge in every game. With this patch we have now taken the first step and adapted some general and weapon specific things in the game. With these changes, we have responded to the general opinion of the community and hope that these changes will improve the gameplay in a positive way.

    It was highly requested by players; and finally, we can present you the removal of the random damage calculation system from the game. This means that each shot now makes a fixed number of damage. Another important change is that the damage now depends on the body region hit. The calculation for that is:

    Head: 150% damage
    Body: 100% damage
    Legs: 75% damage

    Also noteworthy: Upgrade paths do not affect any other properties except for the selected one anymore.

    Rifle Changes

    From now on, MP (rifle) weapons do have the same stats as ADV ones, except for less damage. We kept the damage reduction because those weapons give the players the opportunity to slow down the gameplay a little bit (for training or tournament purposes).

    Rifle Type A (e.g. ADV Sherlock, Gold Rifle):

    Power: 440
    Firing Rate: 950
    Accuracy: 790
    Reload Speed: 300
    Ammo: 35 / 70

    Rifle Type B (e.g. ADV Pepper, Silver Rifle):

    Power: 356
    Firing Rate: 1000
    Accuracy: 860
    Reload Speed: 500
    Ammo: 40 / 80

    Rifle Type C (e.g. ADV Hornet, Bronze Rifle):

    Power: 378
    Firing Rate: 950
    Accuracy: 800
    Reload Speed: 360
    Ammo: 50 / 100

    Rifle Type D (e.g. Hyperion): (non upgradeable)

    Power: 372
    Firing Rate: 1000
    Accuracy: 830
    Reload Speed: 400
    Ammo: 45 / 90
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    To avoid any confusions, we want to clear some more things up:

    This balance update was only the first part and there will be more - one for each weapon type. This first patch contained adjustments only for the rifle and sniper weapons, but since snipers were pretty balanced already and almost no stats have been changed, we didn't mention them.

    Regarding the coupon 'Divine' weapon collection:
    All divine weapons are of Weapon Type D, which is the type that defines weapons that are not upgradeable. They have average stats in every category and won't give you extreme advantages like in previous versions of the game. This type will also be used for weapons like the 'Lucille' melees from the tournament, which can't be upgraded as well.

    Regarding the new type system:
    We decided to give each weapon within a weapon series (like the Metal Rifles or the Wasp Collection) different stats. The values correspond to those of the respective base weapons. Since the base weapons were adjusted with this patch, each weapon is balanced in it's own way and you don't have any disadvantages anymore when picking on or another. Please take a little bit of your time and study the new stats of the base weapon types and you'll find out that each weapon type is equaly worth it. We do understand that the 'Wake Robin' sniper for example now feels different to play, but don't see the additional zoom as a disadvantage; once you get used to it, it can be a huge advantage.
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