Do NOT give away your account informations!

Discussion in 'Game Guides' started by Ody, Jul 24, 2017.

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    Scamming... Oh, what a bad word it is. Right?

    People are trying to get your account illegally and they sometimes succeed. There are luckily some tips for you to get started and mantain your account SECURE.

    Tips to prevent scamming:
    ~ Do NOT give your account details to ANYONE! You should know that GMs have your account in their database, so they will NEVER ask you for it!
    ~ Free RT methods do NOT exist, so you should not trust them. If someone tells you that they can give you free RT, do NOT trust them and report their action instead.
    ~ Change your password. To make sure your account is always safe, you should change your account password once in a while.
    ~ Do not visit fake websites. Some players might as well ask you to join some websites you are unaware of. DO NOT. They might contain keyloggers which will get your account to be scammed!
    ~ Do not download anything on the forum if a GM or MOD did not confirm it is safe. It might also contain keyloggers.
    ~ Obvious but not obvious, do NOT install any hacking or third party tool. This will get you BANNED aswell as scammed. You should know that every download you install might also contain keyloggers or other king of scamming tools.

    And here, you have to know what to do in case you get scammed.
    ~ Send an email to the support or to a gm ISTANTLY ( Provide them the AccountID, password, registration date, how you bought RT if you did and screenshots.

    You might as well know that if your weapons get deleted, they CAN be recovered if evidence is given.

    And finally, mind reporting the scammers to avoid other players being scammed and get these users banned!

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    I would like to see something like 2FactorAuthentificaton.
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