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    When you join our community registering an account, you agree to our terms and conditions and rights and the game rules will be mentioned in this thread.

    when your account is banned don't say the following
    "I didn't read the rules," or "I didn't know please give me another chance" because they aren't valid justifications. depending on your case you will get punished by the way the game master chooses since there are no solid punishments in THO.

    Game Rules: you'll get punished if you commit any of the following crimes
    • Chat Offenses: will be considered in public chat, private messages among other players
    Spamming, flooding, using full caps lock, typing symbols with large amount to harm other players with Fps drop, disrespecting others, swearing "in English or another language", being racist, sexual harassment, pretending to be a staff member, insulting a staff member will be considered as a rule breaking and the player will be severely punished

    • Account related and etc: for all players, there will be no exceptions
    Account sharing, selling is not allowed and it won't be tolerated as the account may suffer from suspension.

    • Unallowed mods, cheating, using bugs and glitches

    Using hacks, unallowed mods will be considered as a rule breaking and it won't be tolerated, same with bugs and glitches

    • Common rule breakings
    Advertising, promoting other websites and sharing links leading to adult content, sharing links that contain virus is not wished and it won't be tolerated.
    Having a name including [GM], [MOD] is not allowed and it won't be tolerated
    Putting weights on keyboard or performing any kind of tricks, ruse, deception methods to avoid being kicked by the anti-afk system will be considered as cheating and it won't be tolerated either
    Having an offensive name with bad words is not allowed if you want to check if the word was bad or not please visit this website

    • Vote kicking: if the vote kick wasn't justified you will deal with some serious problems
    Some players are far from the server hosting service, therefore, they have high pings. kicking players just because they are far from the server is not allowed and it won't be tolerated! if the player has like 400 Ms he can't be kicked however if the player has 990 ms then he is downloading something and he deserves to get kicked

    • Charge backs: a player can only do a chargeback when the full RT amount is still on his account or the purchase was made unauthorized.
    Can a player ask for a refund: Chargeback only is possible if the player experienced issues with the transition/did not receive any credits.
    within how many hours the player will receive his money back: it depends on how quickly the support gets to read the ticket.
    Can an account get suspended just because he asked for a refund: No, but it leaves a very bad impression to us. People who ask for a refund just because of a retirement is really disrespectful towards the game and the staff.
    what are the reasons the game won't accept the player's refund request: People are free to decide whether they donate or not. Once they decided to donate and received the RT, why would we allow to refund the money? It would be like you successfully bought an item from Amazon and then want your money back but keep the item you acquired. there must a good reason otherwise your request will be declined.

    • Player's personal information: all players have the right to keep their personal information censored if they wish
    Everyone is free to decide, determine whether they want to share their information with the community or not. if the player didn't want to share, bestow his information with others and someone else leaked his information this will be considered as a rule breaking, the player will be punished by the way the game master chooses. the following information will be considered as private one's
    Real name, email, skype, telephone number, age, location, nationality, passwords or even pictures.

    If your account is banned you can type a ban appeal and send it to the game master "Serana" or "Astro" to the support and then they'll think of giving you another chance. when typing a ban appeal don't beg or even lie because this makes it worse.

    Make sure to read this thread once every week because a rule might get changed.

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    Could u help me out with the chargeback?
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    I'm really sorry for this late reply but I was really busy at that time, I don't think I can assist you with chargebacks however I can give you advice whenever you need
    if the balance of "RT" isn't touched till now you need to communicate with the support and give them a proper reason for this request.

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