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    Dear players,

    we got to know that not all of you were rewarded by our exclusive beta prize. It seems like our system has left out some accounts, which we are truly sorry about.

    If you are one of those mentioned players, then don't worry, you will receive the reward as well!
    All you have to do is sending a ticket to the support team and let them know your nickname, login-ID and method(s) you have used for your donations.

    You can send a ticket here. Alternatively, you can send a direct mail to [email protected]

    Quick note: You only receive the special reward, if you have done at least one donation from June 2017 until yesterday, 20th June. The amount of how much you have donated does not play any role.

    We apologize for the inconveniences this causes and hope you are enjoying the summer update so far!


    THO Team
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