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    Hey there.

    Since there are some new updates in website,
    The way to join a clan and to create a clan has been changed.
    In this guide I will provide you the right information about it.

    First of all, you need to login into your account [in website].

    In order to join a clan, follow these steps:
    Important: You can join a clan only from level 10.
    First step [1]:
    You can search the clan you want to join-in by his name.
    For example:

    Second step [2]:
    After you find the clan you want
    , you have the button which is called "Enlist".
    For example:
    When you do it, you send a request to the clan.

    Third step [3]:
    The leader of the clan will decide if he wants to accept your enlist or not.
    Extra: In addition you can add comments to the clan.

    In order to create a clan you should follow these steps:
    Important: You can create a clan only from level 15.
    First step [1]:
    You need to click on the option "Create Clan" [left side on the list].
    Second step [2]:
    You need to choose the logo of the clan.
    Third step [3]:
    After you chose the logo of the clan, you need to write a name for the new clan upload_2019-2-8_18-51-59.png
    Fourth step [4]:
    Choose the option: "Create Clan" [in the picture before you can see it clear]
    and now, Congratulations! you created a clan.

    Any other information about clans:
    The list of the top 150 clans:

    Information about the 5 best ranked clans in the season:

    Best regards,

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