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    Hello ToyHeroes,

    the day has come now. We would like to announce our new Event Supporters and Trial Moderators.
    Firstly said, we want to thank all the people who have shown interest and participated for one of the positions.
    The selection was not easy at all, there have been many qualified people and we tried our best to choose the most qualified users.

    What was important to us to consider the chosen? The following attributes have played a big role:

    1.) Your application
    - how formal it has been and if you have chosen the right words to express yourself
    - the look of your application (structure and design)
    - how much effort you have put in
    - how many of the requirements you have fulfilled

    2.) Your activity
    - how active you have been before we received your application
    - to what extent you have kept your activity and quality until deadline

    3.) Your behavior
    - your behavior towards other people (forum & in-game)
    - how you have reacted to provocative statements
    - your phrasing / mode of expression
    - how many times you have disregarded our rules (if you did)

    Note: If you do not see your name below, please do not start a discussion and argumentation with our staff members, it will not leave a positive impression. But you are free to ask for advice about what could be improved, we certainly will help you out!

    Everyone who has applied and was not promoted to the wished position, will be able to apply again upon next recruitment!

    Congratulations to our new members!

    Best wishes,

    The THO team~
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