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    This is a quick step by step guide how to create an account in the forum.

    1. Be aware of that you will have to create a separate account for the forums. After all, this is a measure for better security. Of course you are able to use the same information as you did for your game account, but we advise you to use another password.

    2. Click at the 'Sign up now!' button to create a forum account


    3. Hit the '
    No, create an account now.' button. After that hit the 'Sign up' button once again. You don't have to place your information yet.


    4. Now you are at the registration formular.
    Enter your information, such a nickname for the forum (you can take the same name as in the game), e-mail adress and password. The forum requires you to enter your birthday date, but you will be able to hide the day and month later, if wished.

    5. If you successfully filled out the required information, you may enter the forum!
    Have fun in the forum, but please don't forget to respect our rules! :)
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