Maintenance - Changelog 20.05.2019

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    Web Shop Content:

    White Cross Contamination (Sniper/Shotgun Bullets)
    Gold Cross Contamination (Sniper/Shotgun Bullets)
    Warrior's Bow (Gatling/Bazooka Bullets)
    Chief's Bow (Gatling/Bazooka Bullets)

    Note: The butterfly wings and easter accessoires have been removed from the web shop.

    Since it was highly requested by the community, the following capsule collections have returned to the capsule machine:

    Plant Nymph
    Water Nymph
    Forest Dryad
    Night Dryad
    Leaf Blade
    Fox Shotgun

    Miscellaneous changes:

    - Fixed a bug where specific items were shown with 125% durability
    - Fixed a bug where the basic weapons had to be repaired
    - Lowered too high sell prices of specific items
    - Fixed stats of Silver Knight's Legs (4% SPD => 6% SPD, 160 HP -> 240 HP)
    - Candies will now only be rewarded for active match engagement.

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