[Official] Monthly Hide and Seek Event

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    -Monthly Hide and Seek Event-

    Dear Toy Heroes,
    Let me welcome you to the Hide and Seek Event!

    Within this Event you players will be able to Hide from us, the Staff Team, and might become the lucky winner of this Event. Your goal is obvious, stay hidden as long as possible within 10 Minutes time! Don't let our team find you! May the best Hidder win!

    Gamemode - FFA (Melee only)
    Time - 10 Mins
    Players - 16 (2 Seekers from the Staff Team/14 Hidders from the Community)
    Map - Randomly switching between from us choosen maps

    You don't need to register for the Event, who ever joins the room the fastest, will play. (There will be 3 Hide and Seek Rounds, if you already played once in one of the Hide and Seek rooms, you're not allowed to participate again until the next upcoming Hide and Seek Event, in order to keep it fair for other players)

    - Every participant will have to use the basic C.H.I.P. Set, as well as the basic melee (The Seekers will be allowed to use Speed Sets)
    - Gathering in the middle of the map
    - 60 seconds of time to hide, the seekers wait in the middle of the map where everyone gathers at first, after that the Seekers can start looking around
    - After those 60 seconds, no one is allowed to move but the Seekers (5 seconds of tolerance)
    - ONLY the seekers are allowed to kill others, should someone else but the seekers kill someone, that person is disqualified and is not rewarded, the killed person has 30 secs to look for a new hiding spot
    - People who were killed by the Seekers or suicide, will have to leave and are not allowed to stay in the room, the room will be closed off once started, so no one enters again
    - In case you disconnect, let one of the Staff members know that are part of the Event, you will still receive the prize for participating
    - Glitches and bugs, as well as hacks and team work, will automatically disqualify you
    - Be aware that you can get disqualified only ONCE, you'll receive a second chance but if you get disqualified again, you're out of the event for good

    1st - 50.000 MP + 1 Inventory Space
    2nd - 30.000 MP + 1 Inventory Space
    3rd - 10.000 MP + 1 Inventory Space
    Everyone participating - 1 Boss Battle Ticket

    Should you not have received your rewards, please contact us and we will look into it!

    With all being said, we will hold the Event once a month. Most likely on the first weekend of every new month, we will announce the start of the event on the Discord Server as well as in the Lobby. If you are still not on the Discord Server, click here in order to join it!

    Have fun and good luck to all participants!

    The next date of the Hide and Seek Event:
    (The date above will always be updated as soon as the new date is set)

    In case you have any questions regarding the Event, feel free to contact me on Discord: ZuYu#9513
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    Have fun and good luck to all participants! :p
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    Good luck to everyone :D
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    What is the day to participate in this event?
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    I added it to the post, it will always be updated as soon as we know the date for the next event.
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    Good luck hosting it! :)
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    Great Event, goodluck hosting it! :)

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