Patch Log 05-01-2018

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    • New daily gift system
    Gifts are rewarded daily after 30 minutes of playing, resetting at 0:00 CET
    • New Beam weapon collection (MP, RT)
    • Fixed a bug where a wrong sound played when using the orange halloween hammer
    • Fixed a bug where players got disconnected when they delete items too fast
    • Fixed a bug where the wrong chat notice was shown after receiving an in-game mail
    • Fixed false positive virus warnings which were triggered by Avast - Free Antivirus

    Melee Balance Update

    Melee Type A (ADV-Chain Saw, Golden Leaf Blade..):

    Power: 920
    Range: 710
    Speed: 620
    Secondary Power: 2300

    Melee Type B (ADV-Steel Hammer, Autumn Leaf Blade..):

    Power: 850
    Range: 710
    Speed: 720
    Secondary Power: 2125

    Melee Type C (ADV-Mad Wrench, Spring Leaf Blade..):

    Power: 850
    Range: 780
    Speed: 620
    Secondary Power: 2125

    Melee Type D (non upgradeable; Lucifer, Lucille..)

    Power: 900
    Range: 730
    Speed: 700
    Secondary Power: 2250
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