Patch Log 30/10/2017

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    Get ready for our first themed update for Toy Heroes!

    With this update we will release new content to our game, such as new costumes for the RT capsule machine, which you will be able to acquire through coins as well. Coins? What, how you are able to get them? Well, we do not want to tell you that yet. Please open the game client and look for it yourself!
    Of course do we also open up special events for Halloween, which only will last for limited time, so be quick! :)

    The 'Spooky Adventure' update contains the following content:

    1) Higher Resolution UI
    The user interface has been improved and should be looking sharper from now on!

    2) Halloween-based theme
    The client now contains some spooky wallpapers and soundtracks to gain your holiday feeling of Halloween. We hope you will like our new and exclusive changes.

    3) Some changes for 'The Studio'
    The map 'The Studio' now is available for the Elimination mode. This also affect the clan wars!

    4) New costumes for RT capsule
    We have added new costumes for every character! Those items can be acquired by spinning the RT capsule or the usage of coins.

    5) New Weapons for RT capsule
    You are able to win special Halloween-themed melee weapons. Those items can be acquired by spinning the RT capsule or the usage of coins.
    The weapons are exclusively for this update and most likely will not show up again!

    6) 100% EXP Event
    We will open up 100% EXP from now until 31st October 23:59 CET. We hope it helps you gaining much experience and level up quickly.
    Note: This does not include MP!

    7) Special Halloween Event: 'Get those Lanterns!'
    You now are able to pick up lantern-items, that may drop whenever enemies get killed.
    Pick them up and see what you get for them!
    Supported game modes: Team Death Match; Elimination; Capture the Battery; Bomb Battle; Close Combat; Sniper Mode
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