Patch Notes 23/12/2017

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    Dear Toy Heroes,

    winter now has arrived and we all need to put on the jacket, drink tea or coacoa and stay in the warmth after coming home from a cold day.
    Today's update is another season-themed update that shall provide you some frosty and christmassy feeling!

    Within today's maintance, those things will be added to the game:

    1) Winter-based theme
    The client now contains some snowy wallpapers and soundtracks to gain your holiday feeling of Christmas and the cold winter. We hope you will like our new changes.

    2) New costumes for RT capsule
    We have added new costumes for every character! Those items can be acquired by spinning the RT capsule or the usage of coins.

    3) 50% EXP & MP Event
    We will open up 50% bonus from now until 27th December 11:59PM (GMT+1). We hope it helps you gaining much experience and level up quickly.

    4) Special Holiday Event: 'Time to catch capsules!'
    You now are able to pick up blue & golden capsules, that may drop whenever enemies get killed.
    Pick them up and see what you get from them!

    Best wishes,

    THO Team
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