Patch Notes 2nd May 2019

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    Game Changes:

    - New Server Region: South America
    - Added missing sound effects (announcer voices, environmental sounds and more)
    - The unlimited versions of weapons can now be purchased in the shop
    - Introduction of character dioramas. The following dioramas have been added to the shop:
    Pink Scooter (Naomi)
    Clock Works (CHIP)
    Drum Set (Kai & Knox)
    Library Chair (Pandora)
    - New Classic Game Theme
    - New Shop Boxes:
    Artifactual Box
    - New Capsule Weapon Collection:
    Artifactual Sword
    - New Shop Convenience Items:
    10-Pack Battery Recharge
    5-Pack Battery Recharge

    Website Changes:

    - The profile title is now changeable (titles can be collected through events and tournaments)

    Misc Changes:

    - All unlimited weapons and sets now have to be repaired.
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