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    Rules of the THO forum

    The language used in all of our boards is english. Exceptions are boards that clearly inform you about other language rules. Using another language to communicate or insult other users will result in content deletion and if repeated, result in an account suspension. This rule doesn't apply to private chats.

    Account Trading
    Selling or trading your ToyHeroes account is not allowed and must not be posted in the forums.

    Alternative Account Posting
    Using alternate accounts to bypass a forum ban will result a permanent ban of the alternative and increase the length of the original account's suspension.

    Promoting websites, products, organizations or businesses that do not relate to ToyHeroes is not allowed.

    Character assassination
    Dropping the reputation of players in any way is not allowed. If you wish to report players due to bad behaviour or cheating, please contact one of the staff members or the support team.

    Cheats and Viruses
    Releasing or sharing any websites containing cheats or viruses/trojans is not tolerated and results an instant permanent ban from the forum.

    Distribution of Real Life Information
    Do not release any real life information about other players or any EPT Media staff without permission of the affected.

    Acting in a disrespectful or disturbing way towards other players or EPT Media staff in the forum is not wished!

    Impersonating a staff
    Players who attempt to impersonate a EPT Media staff for false gain will be permanently banned from the forums upon first offense.

    Do not post consectutive replies in a single thread. To keep the forum clean and clear, please use the edit button if you need to add something.

    Sexuality/Violence/Mature content
    Sharing websites, images that include content of extreme sexual acts, crude bodily functions, violent actions or pornography is strictly forbidden.

    Toxic Language
    Think about your choice of words when posting in the forum. Extreme insulting or words of disrespect is not allowed.

    The length and art of penalty is based on how far and massive you go against the rules. The staff members will decide what kind of penalty fits the best for the certain cases.

    Forum Rules (Updated 02/15/2018)
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