When a hacker crashes the room

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    ♔Hello, Heroes!♔
    In this thread, you will get to know what you should do when a hacker comes and crash the room you are in

    • How can we help fix this problem?
    There is only one possible way we can help the staff members with and it is providing them the windows error logs (These errors will be generated when the hacker crash the room you are in)

    • How to get the windows error logs?
    Search an application called "Event Viewer" it should exist on your computer, after opening the event viewer click on "windows protocols" and then "applications"

    • What to do with the error logs
    send them to any of the staff members or the support

    • Is there anything else can be done to prevent him from crashing the rooms?
    Yes, putting a password on the room will prevent his bad intentions

    The following steps were said and confirmed by the [GM]Astro.

    ~Good luck ✌
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